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What our WAKAIs say:

"We are the future- women! Age is just a number and we should live our life to the fullest!"
- Amanda

Välkommen, welcome, willkommen, bienvenido, velkommen, benvenuto ... 

No matter where you are from - you are so welcome to join our community - filled with inspiring women. Our mission is to lift the "new" generation of women 45 +, in social media and IRL. How do we create sisterhood? How can we lift each other? What is WAKAI?

WAKAI means "young at heart" and is also a description of people who do not identify herself with the year she was born. We are so much more than a number. We think it's our time to shine, to full fill dreams and become better versions of ourselves. Who can change the world into a better place? If not women 45+.  We believe in lifting each other! 

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