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WAKAI means Young in Japanese. The word WAKAI is often used in Japan to describe a person who is ageless and young at heart. Someone who doesn't care about their age or uses it as an excuse. In essence, a WAKAI sees the benefits of their life experience but does not want to be defined by their year of birth.


WAKAI as a company was founded in Sweden in 2018 and has since then focused on what we believe is the most interesting target group there is, both from a financial point of view and its willingness and ability to make positive changes in the world.


We call this generation of women, approximately between the ages of 45-65, The WAKAI generation. We believe they deserve their own name because of their impact on society and through the important commonalities they share, in the same way that the word Millennials (or Generation Y) was invented to describe a whole group of individuals with the commonality of being born in the same era. The WAKAI generation is, age wise, a mix of Baby Boomers and Generation X. 


The differences between this generation of women 45+ and those who came before is due to gender equality and digital development. In less than a generation, society has undergone a radical change- far greater than when we went from agrarian society to industrialization. The change is not just on a societal level but also on an individual one.


This generation of women are not only changing their own destinies like no other generation before them but also paving the way for younger women. Inspiring them to break stigmas concerning, for example, Menopause or tear down barriers through the Me Too movement.


Changes are happening on many different levels. More investments are today being funneled to female entrepreneurs, more women are attending universities, more women are represented in top management of companies. In spite of this, in many parts of the world the development is going in the opposite direction. We believe we need to, more than ever, inspire women to inspire each other. One way of achieving this is to teach others about the uniqueness of the WAKAI generation and what they can achieve.

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