Founders of WAKAI

WAKAI is a digital platform that focuses on influencer marketing & the most affluent target group 45+.


WAKAI was founded by journalist & host Annika Jankell and TV producer Ulrica Örn. With their successful careers in the media industry, they have worked with the largest of Sweden's TV productions and possess a unique network of contacts and expertise.


“When we started working together, we decided to create content that we ourselves lacked on the digital platforms. We belong to a unique generation that has grown up in an analog world but has been transformed into the digital. It has made us an ageless generation that places different demands on life than the generation before us. We consume social media and use digital platforms in the same way as our children.


We only see opportunities with today's technology - without intermediaries, we can quickly and easily create unique content together with cool, fun and exciting role models that represent WAKAI.


WAKAI should be where it happens - on the digital platforms and create good, fun and relevant content for a mature and modern target group that accounts for 70 percent of purchasing power today.


There is no age in our world - WAKAI means young at heart.


Today's 45 plus people are more active, healthy and eager to buy than ever before.

We ensure that you as an advertising buyer reach this attractive target group by producing tailored content for your market. WAKAI shatters the myth that only young people are responsible for consumption.


We collaborate with strong role models and inspirers and create character-driven digital content on social platforms. Well-known people such as. Agneta Sjödin, Laila Bagge, Martina Haag, Gry Forsell, Carola Häggkvist, Tess Merkel, La Gayla Frazier, Malin Berghagen and Kristin Kaspersen are just some of WAKAI's many inspirers.


Over the next twenty-five years, the 45-plus population will grow by 75 percent, while those under 45 will increase by a modest 1 percent. Many are beginning to understand that this huge population bubble with a lot of money to spend is an opportunity that will never return.


So let’s WAKAI!



Advertising buyers are constantly looking for a place to find attractive older influencers for their brands. In WAKAI's network, many of Sweden's most well-known role models / inspirers are in the target group. Wakai creates unique content for this purpose. At the same time, the goal is bigger than that. Our vision is to contribute to a new social climate, by blurring the boundaries and inspiring people to live life, defy outdated prejudices and "best before date". It is no longer about identifying people by age, but about who you want to be and how you want to live. It's about attitude. With WAKAI, we hope to be able to highlight and create new fantastic role models who dare to take on life and who never say "I'm too old for this" WAKAI will make a difference!