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The past several campaigns with Smarteyes have given us the opportunity to explore new techniques on Instagram to include the profiles followers as part of the campaign. In this campaign the profiles asked the followers to vote and decide which eyewear they should keep using a 4 split and using emojis to vote. This gave amazing results.

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Eucerin and WAKAI collaborated to lift the new Golden Series by Eucerin with the help of our beautiful WAKAI; LaGaylia Frazier! 


We engaged over 20 famous profiles who told us what they did the night the prime minister Olof Palme was murdered, and spread it to the rest of Sweden.

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Through the winter holidays, some of our profiles had the opportunity to test out some Icebug shoes and promote them for the snowy and winter days to come. This campaign was a huge success and a popular purchase by the profiles followers. 


For the Easter holidays, our Micro and Macro influencers shared pictures where they showed their easter decoration and included "trisslotter". 



WAKAI's celebrities and Macro influencers created personal and creative content to promote Specsaver's sunglasses and encouraging their followers to get prescription in Specsaver's sunglasses.


Our profiles used their own personal interest to advertise the app “Readly” with sharing their personal favorite magazines with a generous discount code for the subscription service to their followers.

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A popular movie among our own WAKAI’s. SF studios movie “Bränn alla mina brev” received high engagement through our creative campaign ideas to lift interest about the movie.


How do you talk about extra dry (Atopic) skin in social media channels? Find out how carefully selected macro influencers got the discussion started.


The Knutby murders are still engaging and with the help of over 55 micro influencers, we reached over 100,000 followers who helped build interest in the award-winning TV series.


Pollen allergy sufferers finally have a new way to protect themselves, and showing it off on social media proved to be a successful combination.

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Toyota and Agneta Sjödin collaborated to talk about how to "fuel energy" and connect it all with their new hybrid car and our profile Agneta's followers got to be a part of the journey. 



Find out how Sofia Wistam (and her cat Lill-babs) helped Magnussons reach a wider audience on Instagram.

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